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Netlease USA | PO Box 30278 | Palm Beach Gardens, FL  | 33420 | Tel: 561-714-5000
NetLease USA Netlease Real Estate Investors
NetLease USA Current 2018 Contact guide. Mailing Address: General Mail Address: Post Office Box 30278 Palm Beach Gardens Florida 33420 For Tenant and lender notices: REIT Property Management 9450 SW Gemini Dr #81916 Beaverton, Oregon 97008-7105 Overnight deliveries: Net Works USA C/O Reit Property Management 3801 PGA Blvd Suite 600 Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410 Facsimile: 561-691-3811 By staying focused in the high credit space, Networks has been able to weather difficult  periods where others have failed. It  is that discipline that continues today along with the ability to look into the future in terms of 10 year blocks of time. Currently Networks USA is the sole company being advised by Mr. Feldman. As of this time he is not accepting any new clients. Net-works USA has diverse Real Estate holdings in 19 states across the United States including over a dozen different tenants that are household names.
Networks USA  is the investment arm of Net Lease USA. Networks USA is not in the telephone business but is a group of numerous real estate investors who have been in the Net Lease investment field since the 1980’s.