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Lightning fast decisions

We are credit driven investors. We seek quality real estate in major markets. We are strong buyers of these properties. We have a long track record of doing the kinds of deals other can’t.  We love to do sale-lease back projects. We will consider ground leases, zero cash flow deals and micro sized deals. If there is a project that the larger public  REIT’s can’t or wont do try us. We will consider ground leases. We are seeking properties with debt in place, even if the debt is above market and not pre payable. Location is very important. A city must have 50,000 people in a 5 mile radius. The location must be on a major road. We look beyond the lease and numbers and approach all projects like real estate deals.

All Cash closings

We have the ability to close for cash and seek debt after the deal is closed.

Existing Financing

We will assume existing debt, even if the terms of the debt are less than ideal.
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Founded 1985



We are looking to add more properties to our newest fund.
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