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We work with brokers and developers.

We prefer properties that have a Netlease in place but will also consider properties with NN leases as well. Our tenants want to maintain their images and we feel they are best suited to keep their properties in prime condition. That said, we work closely with Reit Property Management who is capable of fully operating a property using local resources when needed as well as their propriety remote property management skills. Until recently we would not even consider "micro" deals. Today we are willing to consider these small deals but they need to be priced accordingly. It is as much work to run a $500,000  property as a $10,000,000 property. While we will look at these small deals and will close on the all cash we do need a higher return for the work needed. We are seeking developers in need of a take out source for projects. Referral fees are paid to brokers upon successful purchases.

Talk to the boss

When you present us property you will be talking to the boss. We are not brokering deal but buy for our own funds. 
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